Sunday, June 13, 2004

Vienna Teng's Gravity

I've been listening to Radio Paradise fairly regularly lately. Today they connected listeners to a new (to me) singer of whom I'm already quite fond: Vienna Teng. It turns out that Teng's “Say Uncle” had lodged in my ear well over a year ago. But if I succeeded in recording her name back then, it was lost in the flurry of post-it notes that dustily accumulated by my computer in that too-full time.

Those post-it notes began as a strategy. Each yellow scrap carried a promise of future explorations, future life. Vienna Teng may have gone missing for a while, but then she surfaced again — her creamy soprano as startling and welcome as the sun. It's a good omen for the recovery of other things lost or briefly forgotten, or so I'd like to think.

Speaking of omens, Teng performed tonight in Pittsburgh, home to one of my favorite people. She’ll be there again July 14. Maybe Benedict and Kingmob can check out her show.


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