Thursday, December 15, 2005

So little time

Paradox: When I blog more, I also write more in other parts of my life. (Including academic writing.)

Christmas struggles have mostly resolved themselves. Caught Adam humming Christmas carols ("O Holy Night" of all things), and said.... not... a... word. Our Christmas tree remains only partially decorated and we have yet to find a holiday music compromise. So, for now, we listen to the Cuban jazz station, and everybody's happy.

Paper writing crunch...has become a bigger paper writing crunch. Editor abruptly offered a reprieve on the deadline, and that was good AND bad news for busy, procrastinating Cello. New deadline: this coming Monday.

Since more frequent blogging = more frequent writing, let me resolve to write on the following this weekend:
- a "secret folder" in the archives
- surprise encounters w/friends and their startling revelations
- childbirth classes
- my furry, third lung

There's probably more, too. But I also want to catch up on reading other people's blogs, which I've missed in the recent hiatus.

P.S. Check out the marvelous Teaching Carnivale IV at New Kid's.


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