Friday, August 06, 2004

What am I doing wrong?

Everytime I try to click my link to visit Bitch Ph.D., my web browser gets stuck, and I have to re-start my computer. I can't actually see her site. Instead, my computer's cursor does its frictionless rainbow pinwheel routine (yes, I'm working on a Mac) for as many as 30 minutes before I give up and re-boot. Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong here? I've checked the source code and all appears normal there. Any tips from folks more knowledgable about this stuff than I?

BTW, this is not to defame Professor B's site (which I stubbornly keep trying to read, despite inevitable results), as I suspect I may be the only one having problems accessing it. But it is a mystery to me - especially since Prof. B and I inhabit the same Blogger universe.


At 11:09 AM, Blogger Mel said...

your link just worked for me at 10:05 am central time. But Blogger wouldn't let me look at my own site, which is super-annoying. Sometimes Blogger burps and things get stuck.
But having to re-boot sounds worse. what browser are you using? You might try emptying your cache and see if that streamlines things. She changed her comments system and that might be throwing it off if your browser is trying to pull up the old version.

At 3:14 PM, Blogger YelloCello said...

Thanks, Mel! The link does work fine in Safari. And I know you're right about the occasional hiccups in Blogger. Sounds like a good time to update the whole index, in hopes of resolving any glitches. In the meantime, I'm glad to know that my link isn't sending anyone else's computer into a tizzy.

At 10:05 PM, Blogger bitchphd said...

Huh. Is it working now? It might been my fucking around with the comments, yeah.

FWIW, I'm on Safari too, so I know it isn't that. And I just clicked your link and no problemo.

At 12:43 PM, Blogger YelloCello said...

Sadly, I'm STILL having the same trouble whenever I try to access the site through Explorer (which is the browswer I use more often.). No luck in changing this problem, despite having removed the link, republished the index, reinserted the link, and then republished the index again. Hmpf.


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