Friday, December 23, 2005

Party time

Our attempts at socializing tonight failed. We drove to a party, only to find the host's driveway suspiciously empty. After a couple of drive-bys, we decided that we must have the wrong date. Either that, or everybody at the party had carpooled in just one vehicle. And everybody was ducking to avoid being seen through the curtain-less windows.

So we went to the grocery store. And thank goodness, because I would have hated to have put on mascara for nothing. Met another party-less couple, with whom we had a weirdly animated conversation in the check-out.

It's been a strange day all around. Had my first set of Braxton Hicks contractions, or at least the first set of detectable ones. One minute everything's normal, and the next minute it feels as if the baby has been replaced by an anvil. Ouch! Tonight, I'm feeling alternately nauseated and hungry. It's a replay of that first-trimester confusion, but with an additional sensation of bodily disintegration. My limbs feel twitchy and indistinct. Never mind restless leg syndrome. I have restless whole-body syndrome.

Meanwhile, the baby kicks and kicks and kicks and kicks and kicks...


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