Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sleep Aid

Love Kitty has never been one for cuddling. Until recently, that is. Adam has long claimed that Love loves armpit sweat. I tried not to think about this theory, or the fact of its development in Adam’s theory-boy grad school years, when he showered a lot less frequently than he does now.

I also try not to think about what it means that Love Kitty is lately drawn to me. Whenever I sit down with a book or curl up to go to sleep, we hear the staccato click of Love’s claws on the wood floors, and his happiest meow. If I’m lying in bed, he ambles up to my face so I can lightly scratch his ears and nose. Then he walks two or three backward circles, collapses with his back against my upper chest, and commences deep purring. I tuck the covers over us both and carefully adjust the arm I have tucked under the pillow, the better to let Love Kitty rest his head and forearms on the crook of my elbow.

And that is how we fall asleep. Me on my left side (the better to oxygenate the baby), and Love Kitty just under my chin and neck, like a warm and furry violin.


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