Saturday, October 09, 2004

Curmudgeon on Campus

It's official. I'm becoming a curmudgeon.

The other day, I ranted about how ticked I get at some students' cavalier attitudes toward alcohol poisoning. Today I must report on a student's baffling (to me) T-shirt.

So, we're having a surge of gorgeous fall weather and, naturally, the students on my campus have reverted to summer wear. It's hot enough for it, and I've envied them their freedom to wear shorts to class.

I'm less sure what to think of the student who yesterday came to campus wearing a mini-skirt and a brown T-shirt printed with the words "NO UNDIES" in bold orange font.

I don't want this to be the blog that thinks too much about undergarments. But what is the purpose of such a slogan? Do I read it as a statement of the wearers' politics (i.e., a variation on the "No Nukes" slogan)? Or am I to be forgiven for doing a slight doubletake and then thinking, "Hey, suit yourself, girlfriend. But that's a little more information than I need."


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