Thursday, March 17, 2005

Not exactly news those of us who are part-time or adjunct professors:

The Adjunct Pay Gap

As Linda Kerber recently wrote here (Bugmenot):

"The drift toward the use of adjunct and temporary faculty members, passing on fewer benefits and making it impossible to maintain a research agenda, also has a disproportionate impact on women (who often hold such jobs), but it too affects both men and women. The visiting job that once provided a breather while one looked for a permenant position now enables a minimal kind of survival at the cost of decreasing opportunities for stable tenure-track jobs."

And, earlier in the same essay:

"But feminists — men and women — are better situated to solve the challenges than we once were. In the 1970s, we were demanding admission — to degree programs, to fellowships, to tenure-track positions. In the 21st century, we have won the fellowships, we have the Ph.D.s, many of us have tenure, some of us have distinguished chairs, some of us are deans and provosts and university presidents. What will we do with the place in the academy that we have earned?" [And, I would add, "What will we do to be aware of on whose backs we have partially earned it?"]

Meanwhile, I can't deny having found this memo ("Dear Adjunct Faculty Member") pretty funny.


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