Saturday, December 31, 2005

Yay, Lisa Whiteman! + Days 3 & 4 Report

One of the best things about having a broad mix of friends is that, through them, I can vicariously experience lifestyles, choices, and obsessions that I otherwise would never know. And if that's true in real life, it's even truer in the blogopshere. For instance, I can thank Lisa Whiteman for my imaginary life among artsy, insightful, and well-traveled Brooklynites.

Plenty of other people are fascinated by Lisa and her growing success as a photographer, too, which is why she was recently profiled here. Yay, Lisa!

We return now to Cello's far less glamorous life. Thursday and Friday's work/writing record was pretty lackluster. I logged but FOUR hours of really concentrated work on Thursday. (Pathetic. I also slept for two and a half hours on my yoga mat.) On Friday, I can't claim to have done any work at all, unless you count picking up ten books at the library. I dragged Benedict along for this errand. Or, rather, he dragged me. In fact, he literally dragged me off the floor at one point. Suffice it to say that the library is sprawling (3 buildings, 7 floors). Ungainy as I am right now, I am reminded anew of how accommodating the world is when one is able-bodied... and how daunting it is when one is not.

But I was a lucky pup, because how often does one get to run a library errand with a smart-as-a-whip librarian in tow? I'm back to work today, and more refreshed for Benedict's visit. Is it possible that Benedict is the family member who loves us the most? He drove a very long way through rainshowers, and then showered us with thoughtful Christmas presents. He's as witty as he is sweet, and is capable of transforming even the most mundane activities into something memorable and fun. I love my whole family, of course. But Benedict is the person I most hope lives very near us one day. I always get weepy whenever he drives away.


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